New MAC collaboration: Ariana Grande as MAC’s new Viva Glam Girl (2016)

From “Glamour

As salam u aleikum/peace be upon you:

Few days ago, when I decided to get out of my little cave and read the blogs that I follow, I found out that Ariana Grande is going to be the new Viva Glam Girl aka a Viva Glam Spokesperson (goodbye Miley Cyrus). Took me several days to find out! But nevertheless I made a happy dance!!! I’m so looking forward to this new collaboration. Read more

What to use for chipped off foil on Erin Condren Life Planners – TOTW #1

As salam u aleikum/peace be upon you

So I don’t know with you people, but I hate when my products have foil that chips off – especially when it’s an expensive item. So recently I decided to buy an Erin Condren Life Planner. My decision was made after eyeing the LPs for long time like more than a year. I got the Rose Gold edition, which I, In Sha Allah, will have a blog post about soon. Read more

A new concept: Tip of the Week or TOTW

As salam u aleikum/peace be upon you

So I’ve decided to start the Tip of the Week concept (TOTW). I really like to read tips from other bloggers so I was like ”hey why not sharing your own tips”. It’s not like I’ve tons of tips, but I guess I’ll have enough to share once or every other week!

Stay tuned and come back tomorrow where I’ll share my first tip!



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